Wine freak - we need you! 

If love for wine and food is in your blood, we want you to join our family!

We are constantly looking for new faces for our small family of 150 members.

We select most of our products ourselves, from the coffee, to the cups, to the cheese, to the ham, and all the wonderful wine. You will participate in the selections, we make tastings, visit trade fairs at home and abroad, and each restaurant has its annual wine trip, visiting our producers and searching for new good items for the menus. 

We make an effort to help you become number one in service and wine knowledge. And we have a permanent wine school where we taste wines and tell all the great stories about it.

Interested? Then don't hesitate to write me:

Kenn Husted



Our place in Frederiksberg is closed, but you can find us on Jægersborggade, Nørrebro or visit some of our other places like Bibendum, Falernum, Paté Paté, Wakha or Glou Glou. 



Jægersborggade 56

2200 København N


Phone +45 38 11 30 30



Thus – Wed 17.00 - 23.00
Thurs 17.00 - 00.00
Fri 14.00 - 01.00

Sat 13.00 - 01.00

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