Bar’ rolig – Barolo aften i selskab med Borgogno

Nyd vinen, der samlede Italien og senere, på rebelsk vis, har taget kampen op mod vinsnobberiet.


25/3: Seductive French Champagne and Germany's best Sauvignon Blanc

For this Winemaker's you get double up! First we throw ourselves into a true French champagne adventure with a refreshing breath of girl power.

The champagne is and will be a divine drink, and the one produced by the house André Jacquart in Cotes du Blanc in Champagne has been our favorite for a long time - not least because super cool Marie Doyard, fifth generation winemaker, is now in charge of the enterprise. This is the first time she is in Copenhagen and with a grandfather who was a winemaker at Vertus we have no doubt that champagne must run in her veins.


After Marie, we pass on the wine glass to German Oliver Zeter, who has transformed South African inspiration into one of Germany's best wines. He lives in Pfalz in southern Germany and is one of our favorites Sauvignon Blanc makers besides of course the classic wines made on Riesling and Spätburgunder.


We taste a minimum of 10 wines / champagnes and serves cheese and charcuterie on the side. Price DKK 300/pers. Book your ticket here.




Our place in Frederiksberg is closed, but you can find us on Jægersborggade, Nørrebro or visit some of our other places like Bibendum, Falernum, Paté Paté, Wakha or Glou Glou. 



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